Fuzzlecheck 3

  Also available in spanish & german

Many new functions

Let Fuzzlecheck import your PDF script file, create detailed breakdown sheets, a calendar or overview schedules using the shooting times and non-availabilities of all participants. Fuzzlecheck supports you from the entering of the sheets to the printing of individual call sheets with the exact times for sunrise and sunset.

Easy to use

Fuzzelcheck 3 is the result of the experiences of production managers, first ADs and producers in german as well as international productions. The program is easier and more intuitive to use than any other shooting schedule program.

Transferable licenses

When buying Fuzzlecheck, you will receive your own personal license key. Using this key, you may transfer your Fuzzlecheck license onto other computers as often as you want within a period of five years. Fuzzlecheck runs on Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Macintosh from OS 10.4.